Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another New/Old Bookcase

I recently discovered that we are outgrowing our space for books, and decided to buy a smallish book case for our upstairs guest room. Right now, we have Handy Boy's old changing table up there. Yes, an old changing table! It's really a dresser with a top that you can use for a changing table. 

We bought a soft pad to put on top, and changed Handy Baby on it. We stored some diapers, pajamas, and other baby items in the drawers. It was a handy item for us back then, but it's not really serving a purpose now, since I have another dresser in that room. I thought a book case would go nicely in that spot.

We went to an antique store last weekend. Handy Man took measurements with us. Usually when we go on a hunting mission, it can take weeks, or even months of on-and-off hunting to find the right item. However, I found this book case right away in a local antique shop that had just opened. There were several small objects and books on it. I told Handy Man that it looked like the right size, but there was no price on it.

We asked the workers at the shop what the price was, and they weren't sure. They called the dealer to find out the price. Now, this is not a "priceless" antique...and it doesn't even have a real back on it; it only has a piece of plywood on the back...and it's painted a shade of green that we are not in love with. 

However, we knew that if we painted it white to go with our other guest room furniture, it would look much better! We'll just be placing books on the shelves, so the back piece won't even show (although Rob would paint it white also.)

I was trying to think of how much I would be willing to pay for it, when the shop worker told me the dealer would sell it for $35. :-O That was well under what I was willing to pay, so we bought it! Here it is, in all of it's dirty, green, glory.

I think that people can be afraid of the prices in antique stores, but they shouldn't be! Sure, there are some stores with items selling for a minimum of $500. And yes, some antiques are worth a lot and should be priced accordingly. But usually, antique stores have a good variety of both expensive and inexpensive pieces. This book case might not even be that old, or worth much, but it's perfect for us.

Stay tuned for pictures of the cleaned up and painted book case...and don't be shy about wandering into local antique stores to look for bargains. You never know what you may find.
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