Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Day After Christmas

Or, Merry "Christmas Hangover" Day, as I like to call it. After all of the prep work, the shopping, wrapping, baking, the present opening, feels like I have a Holiday Hangover today, and I don't even drink alcohol!

Toys are everywhere...wrapping paper is everywhere...I just cleaned some things up today, since I couldn't stand it anymore! But, there's more...oh well, it will still be there tomorrow, right?

One year ago today, we started a BIG renovation project: our kitchen! Yes, Handy Man took some days off between Christmas and New Year's Day, and we GUTTED the kitchen. We spent over a week ripping out the old cabinets, putting them into new places, putting in new wood floors, installing a new sink and new counter tops. WHEW!

Seriously, who DOES something like that right after Christmas? Apparently, we do. Right now, I am getting ready to scrapbook and Handy Man is reading. We are enjoying doing NOTHING this weekend, ahhhh!

Soon I will put up our before and after kitchen photos for you to check out. We have lots of small and medium-sized projects planned for 2010, so don't worry, there will be more Handy Man projects to show you!


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