Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter Gear for Handy Boy (on the Cheap)

Since the weather is turning cold, I’ve been looking for some outerwear for Handy Boy for the upcoming winter. Handy Boy is 8 now, but ever since he was a baby, I’ve been shopping at consignment stores for his snowsuits. 

One year, I found a really nice, almost brand-new LL Bean snowsuit for about $18! Brand new snowsuits from LL Bean can cost $50 and up. I decided that there is no way I’m paying $60ish for a snowsuit that he MIGHT wear for one winter.
Handy Man and I did some Goodwill shopping recently, and we bought the following items:
- snow pants, a hat, and some really warm gloves (the hat and gloves were brand new at Goodwill, but very inexpensive) for $19.99 total
- and these really nice, barely-used, LL Bean snow boots for $6!
Handy Boy has a nice winter jacket from last year (another Goodwill purchase for about $10!) that he will wear again this winter, but next year I'll need to get him a new jacket, since he is growing so much.

Here in New England, it can get pretty expensive to outfit a child (or children) with winter gear for playing outside. You can shop sales, especially at the end of winter, but don't rule out shopping at Goodwill, children's consignment stores, or even yard sales, to find these things.


Danni said...

I love consignment stores! You can often find BRAND new things for about 1/4 of the original cost! I tend to purchase the next size up the previous year at less than 50% off at stores having their clearance sales. LL Bean is a great place for that....I got both kiddos coats & snow pants for about 50.00 there.

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