Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting Organized for Christmas

Every year, I try to organize myself for Christmas. This involves making lists of gifts I want to buy, as well as ordering photo cards, and writing a list of ingredients for Christmas baking.

In order to spread out the expense, I usually start buying a few things at at a time starting in October. However, this year, October was craaaaayyyyzeee busy! I did ZERO Christmas shopping in October. However, I did put some money aside for my Christmas shopping.

Today, Handy Man and I went to a few different stores and I bought 90% of our Christmas gifts, as well as some dry ingredients for Christmas baking.

I have a few more things to get, but I'm VERY happy to be so close to finishing! Here are some tips for things we've done over the past several years, which make for easier Holidays:

- save up some money ahead of time for Christmas shopping! Whether you start a specific Christmas account or not, this is always a good idea.

- cut back on some things: Do you really have to send out 100 Christmas cards? Try cutting back on this a bit.

- shop online. has free shipping with qualifying orders over $25. There are lots of great online deals to be had at this time of year. Check out Deal Catcher for free online coupons, and Black Friday deals. Shop in your PJs at 10 pm!

- talk to friends and family about gift-giving: arrange to draw names, or even skip presents (especially for adults!) altogether. Chances are, many of them will feel relief at the idea.

- potluck: Ask friends and family to bring food, drinks and desserts to Holiday meals and parties. People are glad to help with this, just ask!

- decorating: You don't have to put everything out, every year. Alternate which decorations you put out each year. Also, decorating doesn't have to get finished in one day or one weekend, do a little at a time.

I'll be posting more ideas as Christmas approaches. What things have you done to make the Holidays easier? Nothing yet? Now is the time to start!


Beth said...

It will be fun to see your Christmas prep coming together over the next month. Keep these types of stories coming! They get me in the Christmas spirit. :-)

PattyW said...

I wish more people would dare to take your advice - especially with gifts and sharing food for events! Great job on this blog.

Danni said...

Also, shopping during the year (summer especially) for things the kiddos want will save you a lot. If you remember you have it, that is ;)

Giving perishable items as gifts are great. They can be eaten and don't cause long term clutter around the house. :)

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