Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Organized for Christmas

How is everyone doing, getting ready for Christmas? ;-) What, you mean you haven't done anything else yet? Have you thought about your Christmas decorations yet? 

Handy Man calls me the "Christmas Freak" (hmmm, that doesn't sound too nice) since I like to start decorating pretty much the weekend of Thanksgiving. Hey, a Crafty Girl likes a lot of Christmas decorations, and it can take a lot of time to get them set up!

Over the years, I've used all sorts of ways to store our Christmas decorations. Several years ago, we bought these containers to hold everything...I believe we bought them at Home Depot, but I can't really remember now. You can usually find these red and green containers right around this time of year. I found some on the Lowe's site though, for between $4.48 and $6.47 each.

Here are my 10 (!!) containers of Christmas ornaments. Hey, didn't I tell you that Handy Man called me the "Christmas Freak?" The roll bubble wrap on top was purchased to help cushion the cute ceramic Christmas trees we bought this summer.

Two years ago, I went through my decorations to organize them. I pulled some stuff out that was getting old and ratty to toss; and I donated a few things that were still good. I made more room in my boxes, and I organized everything inside the containers in a better way.

It used to take me forever to put the ornaments and decorations back into the storage boxes...so I figured out the best way to store them, and then labeled each container with labels that I just made in Word and taped on with packing tape. This made SUCH a difference! Now its so much quicker to put away all the ornaments and decor.

All the storage containers fit nicely onto these shelves in Handy Man's man-cave, the basement. You could also stack these boxes up, and they have nice handles and are easy to carry. They are great for keeping out moisture and dust.

Isn't that nice and purty? The bottom row has three storage boxes for "Fall and Halloween" stuff.

How do you store your Christmas decorations?


Beth R. said...

Our Christmas Decor is stored in large totes (bigger then yours) by room. We use rubermaid ornament boxes for ornaments, and last year I bought the kids each their own box, so they could separate out their ornaments too and that helped a lot. I have one tote (these are all smaller than the downstairs ones)for upstairs, one tote for the porch, and another for outside lights. It helps me keep track of everything, and it makes decorating easier as I don't have to remember, or rethink where I want to put stuff every year.

larsinnh said...

Great idea! I was thinking of doing that, but since we keep moving (sighhhh) I never know WHAT is going in which room. Now that it appears we are done moving for a while, I still don't think I could do it since I kind of move around where I put decoations every year... :-)

Danni said...

I have 2 HUGE containers that hold all ornaments and tree decor, then I have 3 smaller ones to hold the around the house decor. They are also labeled, but not as nice as yours ;) It does make it a lot easier to find the stuff.

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