Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting the House Ready for Winter

By Handy Man
Well, it’s that time again to close the old place up for the long New England winter. I try to hold off as long as I can. This being "New Hampsha", one can never tell when it’ll hit 70 degrees in October. Anyways, I’ll usually tackle my list either the first or second weekend in November (weather permitting).

The “list” usually only takes about a half a day to complete and ensures that we stay toasty and warm in our little cocoon.

First, and most importantly, I give the pellet stove a thorough cleaning… not just cleaning out the ashes, mind you, but cleaning the whole unit. This includes dismantling the auger motor housing and cleaning out the sawdust and cleaning the exhaust pipe. A clean stove is an efficient (and reliable) stove.  

(Note: we'll have other posts about our pellet stove. Whatever heating system you have, its a good idea to get it cleaned and ready for use. This may involve work that you do yourself, or calling in someone to clean your heating system.)

Then, I move to the windows and doors. I go around the house, closing and locking all the windows to ensure a tight seal. And then, I replace the screens with the glass in the storm doors.

I also drain the garden hoses and bring them inside. If we have any deck furniture outside, I bring it into the garage for storage.

Once the house is buttoned up, I spend a couple of hours tidying up the yard by cutting down the spent flowers, using the weed whacker, and performing the final mow of the season. After that, I put my lawn machines “to bed” for the winter and get my garage ready for use as a garage.

What sort of things do you do to get your home ready for winter?


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