Saturday, October 10, 2009

The "Fruits" of Handy Man's Labor

This summer, Handy Man tried to plant some vegetables in containers on the back deck. It didn't work out too well, unfortunately! Usually he is very good with plants, yard work and such...but we had an extremely rainy summer this year in New England. Some of the plants just didn't grow at all!! We got a few measly roma tomatoes out of it. Here they are:

When I say "measly", I'm just referring to the amount we got, because these two tomatoes were delicious!! I cut them up and we ate them in a salad.

Handy Man will regroup and try again next spring. He says he learned a few things that he will change next year. Container gardening is not something that we will be giving advice on any time soon, as you can see from our results!

Do any of you garden? Anyone else in New England have problems with too much rain this summer?


Kaye said...

We do container gardening and definitely did not have a good summer. It was just too cold here in NY. Hopefully next summer will be better for us.

Danni said...

My sister has a big garden and it did awful as well..the rain washed it all out.

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