Monday, October 26, 2009

More Fall Decorations

Here are some more of our fall decorations. I've picked these up at various places over the years. Most of them I bought at Holiday craft fairs. Have you ever been to a local Holiday craft fair? 

Look in the newspaper or online (especially this time of year!) for local craft fairs. You can pick up nice handmade fall and Christmas decorations at a great price. Or, you can always shop the after-Holiday sales for huge discounts.

Unless you are like me and SAY you are going to do that, then forget until you go to a store and see two crumpled, trampled, Halloween decorations left for 90% off and say "OH YEAH, I was supposed to do that!"

I think I'll stick with the craft fairs. They're more fun!

Handy Boy decorated this pumpkin with marker, and wrote "I'm a pumpkin!" on it.

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