Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes have you lived in?
We have lived in two apartments, one rental home in between moves, and three houses. We've only done major decorating and renovations on the homes we have owned.

Where do you get your ideas for decorating?

We get a lot of ideas from watching decorating shows on HGTV, reading decorating magazines, surfing decorating websites, from homes of friends and family, visiting stores and antique shops, etc. There's so much out there that inspires us.

Where do you get the time to do all of your renovations?

We fit renovations into nights, weekends, and Rob's vacation days. Some days, we only work on projects for 30 minutes, or an hour or two. You can get a wall or two painted in a short amount of time! Some days we do work for 6-8 hours at a stretch, but more often than not, we work during short bursts of time.

How do you afford all of these renovations?  

We save a lot of money, since Rob and I do 99% of the labor on our projects. We have used very few contractors over the years. Although Rob knows how to put on a roof, we've hired roofing contractors. It just takes too long to put a roof on a home, and we're not fond of being up high and climbing high ladders.

We plan out our renovations, make a list of materials needed, and start shopping. We might go to Lowe's or Home Depot with our list and write down prices; or shop online for prices. We add everything up and save up the money before tackling a project.

Some people spend money on cars, vacations, clothes, jewelry...we spend money on paint, tools, wood, drywall, etc. We save up and it's what we love to do!

We'll be posting more info on this page as we get more questions. Have a question for us? Email:


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