Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas in October

This summer, Rob and I found some cute, old, ceramic Christmas trees that we just had to have. Both of us had grandmothers who had Christmas trees similar to these, with little colored lights.

Rob had to put a new electrical cord into one, but that was an inexpensive fix. The trees didn't cost very much either; the little one cost $10 and the larger one was $15. Sweet!

Rob cleaned them up, and we wrapped them into bubble wrap until Christmas. I'm looking forward to putting these out in December.


Beth said...

Oh, I love those Christmas trees! My grandmother had one & now my aunt owns it. I want her to will it to me one day!

Danni said...

OMG...my mom has (or had, she may have broken it over the years, I'll have to ask) one of these that she made in a ceramics class she took when my sis and I were like babies......they are so cute!!!!

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