Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've started to get into reading a bit more, now that Handy Boy is bigger and I can take some time to read more than a magazine article. We do have several books that I like to read and re-read...but I also like the library for borrowing books.

I used to work in libraries, so here's a tip: If your local library doesn't have the book you want, ask for them to order it for you through inter-library loan. This may sound obvious, but some people don't know about inter-library loans. 

You can ask your librarian to order a book for you from another library. It could take up to a week, but the library will call you when the book is in. Another advantage to this is that you can usually keep the books you borrow from another library for longer than two weeks, sometimes for about a month.

Another way for me to read books on the "cheap" is to buy them at places like Goodwill, library book sales, or yard sales. I've been excited to find books that I've been "meaning to read" for just $1 or even just 50 cents! You just never know what you will find at Goodwill, especially in the book section.

Or bookcase from this post has gotten filled up pretty nicely...but in the interests of keeping our book collection to a manageable amount, if I don't like the book and/or I know I won't read it again, I bring it back to Goodwill and donate it back. We have a good amount of books, but not a lot of space for bookcases, so I try to keep the amount we have down to what we have space for on our shelves.

Do you collect books? How many do you have? Enough for one bookcase, enough to fill a small public library, or something in-between?


Kaye said...

I have got hundreds and hundreds of books waiting to be read. I very rarely (pretty much NEVER) pay full price for a book. I pick books up at rummage sales, library sales, on, or my mom gives me books (that she has gotten free or cheap).

We have overflowing bookshelves all over our house. I swear, there's just not enough time in my day to read everything I want to read!

Nicole said...

If your library can't get a book on an inter-library loan, sometimes they will buy it for you. My library did this once for me when there was a new release I was interested in. The librarian said "I have a certain amount of money to spend on books every year, and I'd much rather use it to buy a book I know someone will read than to have to guess which books to buy."

It never hurts to ask!

larsinnh said...

That's true, libraries will do that, too!! Forgot to mention it...however, some of the libraries I've worked in were TEENY and had TEENY, TINY budgets that were often already spent halfway through the year...sometimes, they might like to buy something for a patron but just can't, due to budget constraints.

Danni said...

Libraries are the best! I hate spending money to but a book when I'll be done with it in a week or 2. Thankfully, living in the city, we have a large selection of books and they have nearly everything I ever need.

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